Risk Management Journey

Some thoughts and tracking of ideas in and around various aspects of operational risk management and business resilience

iJET Analyst Looks at China-Pakistan

By Maitreya Buddha Samantaray

"After the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, Pakistan’s Prime Minister visited China on May 18, sending a message to US that it has other supporters to lean on.  Dependency on China will further increase once US administration reduces its presence in Afghanistan. Chinese proximity with Pakistan to pursue its own interest rather than contributing anything for the regional stability may not go down well with Americans as well as India government."

The Navigator: The risks of summer travel to Europe

Long time friend of iJET, Chris Eliott, article that appeared in the Post, Baltimore Sun, and other on-line sites… 

“This is very different from years past,” says Bruce McIndoe, president of iJET Intelligent Risk Systems, a security consulting company. “The nexus of governing and financial issues will create a much more dynamic and tense environment throughout Europe over years past, where it has been much more localized.” Indeed, Greece was the scene last week of violent clashes between police and protesters, as well as a disruptive nationwide strike

Speaker: CWT Client Seminar 2011, Amsterdam - Global Exchange

Was the keynote speaker at this two day global client conference for CWT. Was followed by the travel manager at Michelin (the tire company) who talked about his real-world experiences around emergencies impacting his company and people. They lost employees on the Air France flight from Brazil, had an employee kidnapped, impacted by the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear incident in Japan, etc.

Global Congress on Legal,Safety and Security Issues in Travel

"This conference enables all aspects of the travel equation to share their legal, safety, and security experiences and best practices. This will be an all-encompassing public-private dialogue to enhance the global travel industry’s ability to avoid interruptions and to provide a safe secure and seamless travel experience said Stephen Barth, Founder of HospitalityLawyer.com.

The annual Global Congress is a unique opportunity for travel industry professionals, business travel teams, and consultants from aviation, cruise, ground transportation, lodging, facilities, events and supply chain businesses to:

  • Explore continuing and recent legal, safety, and security challenges
  • Identify common trends and issues relevant to the travel industry
  • Share and develop best practices
  • Benchmark their current policies and procedures with other travel industry leaders
  • Develop innovative approaches from cross-industry knowledge exchange and
  • Discover the latest research and solutions available.
Thought that I would try this new tool and post items and thoughts that I come across in my journey working in and around the risk management world.

Thought that I would try this new tool and post items and thoughts that I come across in my journey working in and around the risk management world.